County Championships 2023

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Another wonderful week at the County Champs this year.  With the inclusion of some of the seniors finals it was a bumper week of tennis.  Huge thanks to all the players, supporters, officials, Herts team and volunteers who have made this such a successful tournament.  Extra special thanks to Rickmansworth LTC for their wonderful hosting and to Jamie, Maria and Angela for keeping the tournament running so smoothly.

SINGLES Position Boys Girls DOUBLES Position Boys Girls
8U W Abir Lucinda
R/U Seth Ruby
9U W Thomas Annabelle
R/U James Natalia
10U W George Amelie W Riyan & Ari Ivy & Amelie
R/U Roc Yoyo R/U Andrian & Roc Sophie Lin & April
11U W Rafi Isabella
R/U Freddie Alexandra
12U W William Mylie W Leo & Finlay Layla & Lilia
R/U Leo Layla R/U Thomas & Max Amber & Amy
14U W Ace Lilia W Kaaviyan & Noah Adaugo & Lilia
R/U Noah Sophie R/U Ace & Jet Catherine & Ava-Rose
16U W James Michaela W Pavana & Brandon Gabby & Michaela
R/U Brandon Gabby R/U James & Kaaviyan Sophie & Emily
18U W Brandon Michaela W Pavana & Brandon
R/U Oliver Sophia R/U Kevin & Oliver
W Michael Mouskides Sophia W Andre & Michael Mouskides
R/U Luke Roberta R/U Luke & Oliver
35+ W Dimitris Koronakos Clare Pryce W
R/U Martin Beecroft Laura Rigo R/U
50+ W Stephen Jones W Stuart Foster & Mick Hooker
R/U Mick Hooker R/U Yusuf Bankole & Clive Bedwell
Mixed Doubles W Michael Mouskides & Chloe Hughes
R/U Stuart Foster & Natalia Ilkow
Mixed Doubles 35+ W Richard Wilson & Helen Lloyd
R/U James Morris & Danielle Gardner
Mixed Doubles 50+ W Paul & Julie Guppy
R/U Andrew & Philippa Parkes