Our Management Team

Management Committee – 2023

This structure is not fixed nor are the roles and activities within it other than President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Roles and activities will change as the organisation develops. Changes may be made and approved at any time by the Herts Management Committee.


Leadership – President, Lee Evans


Core activities: Chair Management Committee; Meetings; Strategic Planning; Recognition (awards); Safeguarding; Recruitment, Succession Planning; Venue Liaison.

Additional activities: Competitions Management including Competition Plan/Dates/Review and Recruitment/Support of Comp Lead Roles; Officials; County Championships; Management of Seniors County Captains; Governance; Supporters; Venue Forums; Wimbledon Tickets; Quarterly Bulletin



Administration – Honorary Secretary, Helen Elliott


Core activities: AGM documentation; Herts Management Committee meetings agendas and minutes; Conflict of Interest Policy and Management.

Additional activities: Volunteer Engagement Lead and Recognition; Events.



Finance – Treasurer, Martin Corrie


Core activities: Budget & Forecasting; Banking Processes/Procedures; Payments; Receipts; Cash Flow; Reserves Policy; Reports; Accounts; Independent Inspection; Risk Register; Venue Loans; Contracts; Payments of Wages; Governance and associated activities.

Additional activities: 200 Club



Development and LTA Liaison (Councillor) – Bridie Amos


Core activities: LTA Councillor; LTA Communication (National and Regional); Strategic Planning; Yearly Event/Project Planner; New Initiatives Development.

Additional activities: Club Community Coach Support; Coach Education and Development; Coach Forums; Venue Forums; Governance, Participation (Education sector); Women and Girls Tennis Development; County Championships Support.



County Safeguarding Officer (LTA role, Part-Time Employed) – Tessa Terry


Core activities: Promote Safeguarding Culture; Implement Safeguarding Strategy at County level; Safeguarding Policy/Procedure Management; Event Safeguarding Compliance; Safeguarding Case Management; Escalation and Record Keeping; Attendance at LTA Safeguarding Conference/Forums.

Additional activities: Volunteer Engagement and Recognition.



Performance – Janet Corrie


Core activities: Oversee County Training/Events/Tournaments/Activities/Trips; Performance Coach Education & Development; Junior, Open and O35 County Teams; Pathway to Tarbes Programme Management; HITS Network Management; LTA Player Pathway; Parent Liaison; Player Awards & County Colours; County Championships.

Additional activities: New Initiatives Development.



Participation – Matt Willcocks


Core activities: Development of Non-Club Community/Education Programmes; Fundraising; Open Court Tennis; Herts Sports Partnership Liaison.

Additional activities: Communications, Strategy Development, Teacher training and School-Club Links.



Community – Stuart Foster


Core activities: Engage with Local Authority Sports Development Officers; Major Facility Development; Parks Redevelopment Project; Padel.

Additional activities: Beach Tennis; Pickleball.



Office and Community Manager (Employed) – Carole Draper


Core activities: Coach/Venue support; Coach/Venue Forums; LTA Venue Registration Support; Record Keeping and GDPR Compliance; Day to Day Finance; Facility Development and Loans Scheme; Insurances; Website; Social Media; County Clothing; Newsletter; Herts Schools Association Support; Event Support; Support for County Cup Teams; County Championships Support; Play Your Way to Wimbledon support; County Centre Management and County Court Hire.

Additional activities: Inclusion and Diversity Strategy; Women and Girls Tennis Development; Volunteer Engagement and Recognition.


You can contact the Herts Management Committee by emailing HertsTennisCommittee@gmail.com
and a member of the committee will get back to you.